Cosmic Solar Spectacle in South America.

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Cosmic spectacle in South America. Image Credit: Martin Bernetti / AFP Agence France Presse / Getty Images, 2019.

Cosmic Solar Spectacle in South America. Image Credit: Martin Bernetti / AFP Agence France Presse / Getty Images, 2019.

Cosmic Solar Spectacle in South America, total eclipse 2019.

IIn the minutes before a solar eclipse, plunges Chile into darkness, a loudspeaker projects a deep baritone to a group of blind men and women who have traveled to Cachlyuyo in the Atacama desert to ‘’hear’’ what hundreds of thousands of others had come to see. Then, a moment of silence until the sunlight and the sound returns. The musical experience , orchested by Chile’s University of Valparaiso, was designed to help blind people, or tjose with some level of vicual impairment, experience the phenomenon, through a change in the frequency of sounds.

Hundred of thousands of people flocked to Chile’s northern region near the Atacama desert — festooned with some pf the planet’s most powerful telescopes — which was situated directly on the eclipse’s 100 mile-wide ‘’path of totality”. The moon passes in front of the setting sun during the total solar eclipse in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Astronomers in Buenos Aires privince offered yoga and meditation classes during the eclipse, which were also visible in other South American countries.

In northern Chile, meteorologists measured a three-degree Centigrade drop in temperature and in the center a two degree drop. The view from La Serena. The eclipse made its first landfall in Chile at 3:22 p.m. ( 19.22 GMT ) in La Serena, a city of some 200,00 people where the arrival of more than 300,000 visitors forced the local company to increase output and service gas stations to store extra fuel. Police and heatth services were also reinforced.

Tourists from around the world gathered in Chile and Argentina on Thursday afternoon to witness the cosmic spectacle of a total eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun and scores a bull’s eye by completely blocking out the sunlight. Total Solar eclipses are rare, but ws even rare about Thursday event is thet it occurred directly over an area of the Earth most prepared to study the heavenly bodies. Northern Chile is known for clear skies and some of the largest, most powerful telescopes on Earth are being built in the area, pictured is the starry sky during the eclipse.

‘’In the past 50 years we’ve only had two eclipses going over observatories. So when it happens and an observatory lies in the path of a totality, it really is special for us’’ said Elyar Sedhagati, an astronomer working as a fellow at the European Southern Observatory in Paranal, Chile.‘’We can finally use our toys during the day because it’s always at night that swe use them’’ The eclipse as seen from La Silla European Sothern Observatory (ESO) in La Higuera, Coquimbo Region, Chile.


Information and Images have been shared from an Article-Image Gallery by The Telegraph, London, UK, published on July 3rd, 2019. Image Credits: under each photography in Gallery.


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