Scientists v. Politicians.

Scientists v. Politicians. Greta Thumberg, a 16-year-old woman, becomes aware. She doesn't want to experience the catastrophe and creates a movement that started at her school in Stockholm with the "Friday for future" movement and grew up dizzyingly to become a cry of warning to the world. Image Credit: Alamy, 2018.

Scientists v. Politicians. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old woman, becomes aware. She doesn’t want to experience the catastrophe and creates a movement that started at her school in Stockholm with the “Friday for future” movement and grew up dizzyingly to become a cry of warning to the world. Image Credit: Alamy, 2018.

Scientists  v. Politicians.

Ope-ComThe land, is our home and is sick with a chronical ailment, we have inoculated ourselves: humans. It’s called climate change or global warming. It’s the most widespread disease, but as we’ll see later it’s not the only one. External manifestations are becoming more dramatic. In recent times the follow-up began in Japan with a tsunami that swept away everything that stood in its wake. Since then the tsunamis have been identified by that name because the most destructive occurred in a Japanese port. Then the annual hurricanes in New Orleans with Katrina, Puerto Rico with Maria that virtually destroyed the island without having yet fully recovered and currently. Now, Dorian who un bated the Bahamas and is likely to reach the Canadian shores. All of them with increasing destructive power. Never in human history have there been as many deaths and disappearances from natural phenomena as there are currently now.

Of course they are different phenomena with different origins, but the increase in the temperature of the ocean water, generates large atmospheric disturbances that associated with the increase in water evaporation produces hurricanes associated with heavy rains.

This is not the only manifestation of climate change. Let us think that millions of years ago both the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara were forests. The Black Forest in Germany, an inspiring source of poets and painters, has now virtually disappeared under urban and agricultural pressure. My fear is that the Amazon will evolve in this regard. The waste soil exposed to tropical suns has become a much thinner powder than sand and escapes between your fingers. The absence of the rainforest that remains moist or the forests break the natural cycle of water consisting of evaporation, ascent, cloud formation, to finally become rain and so on.

In addition, the rainy season in tropical areas is limited to the summer season. If we think that the felling of trees only in Mato Grosso grows year after year because of an equivalent surface to Uruguay, it is fair to ask the following question: Will the rains return to the rough areas? And if so, will the soil be washed more accelerated by dragging the fertile layer of the soil? We need to answer a question that is implicit in this little summary. What is the problem with carbon dioxide? It is a gas that accumulates — in the outer atmosphere — and doubles as a “super globe” that envelops the whole earth and prevents the escape of the heat that we generate, causing the temperature of our atmosphere to increase and consequently from the world.

The function of trees is to capture carbon dioxide, the much-feared CO2 and release oxygen (O2) that is our source of life. Remember that the air we breathe ideally contains only 21% oxygen.

Let us think that a single common urban bus with 16.0 liters of displacement in its engine, walking at 1,500 rpm consumes per minute 2.4 m3 of air. Imagine the millions of buses, trucks, trains, planes and ships that run daily around the world. Add to that, all the industries that not only release flue gases with CO2, but add up to other toxic gases such as sulfide derivatives and so many others that vary according to the industry concerned, usually linked to non-metabolic components by our body.

Many of those produced by these industries – such as plastics, although not the only ones – in turn pollute the soil, underground nappies, the atmosphere itself, rivers and finally end up in the seas, that we mistakenly judge them as infinite and use them way of our exclusive sewer. Without thinking that many countries survive thanks to fishing. Sea currents accumulate garbage in the oceans generating four artificial “islands”. Only the one that is parked between Europe and North America has an area equivalent to four times the size of France and because we do nothing, they will continue to grow and release micro particles that fish gills cannot discern incorporating it into their Organisms.

All industries in turn, generate by-products that are not always usable and trash. Another problem we need to address. So we have in a very simplified way the exaggerated burning of fossil fuels and non-fossil fuels, industries that in addition to using fuels, voluntarily or un-intentionally pollute and generates garbage.

There are hundreds of international prestigious institutions that have been warning about the arrival of these problems for more than half a century, presenting suitable reports that show the evolution of these problems and their likely solutions to as forecasts sharpen. The land, our house is approaching the precipice. In the meantime those who rule us busy in their myopia, ignorance, ambition for power and selfishness look the other way, believing that they are problems that will not be achieved. You think they’re not earthy? The so-called world leaders — the US, China, Japan and India on a different level — are responsible for more than half of emissions, pollution and garbage generation. They don´t believe or ignore scientists’ predictions and pursue a race of skills mutually, without realizing that there are other issues of great significance that they prefer to ignore. Their concerns go through their competitors, they run on an obstacle course that puts opponents, superpowers, such as gun factories, pharmaceuticals, banks, financial corporations, etc., etc. People. I imagine them performing songs tuned on the deck of the Titanic while all of us, the passengers, run nowhere like hamsters in a carousel.

Scientists  v. Politicians. Surprisingly, Greta Thumberg, a 16-year-old woman, becomes aware of what we’re exposing here. She doesn’t want to experience the catastrophe and creates a movement that started at her school in Stockholm with the “Friday for future” movement and grew up dizzyingly to become a cry of warning to the world.

Scientists  v. Politicians. Nearby in Copenhagen, a tiny Scandinavian, almost insular kingdom with 5.5 million inhabitants with a homogeneous, educated and educated society creates the world’s first technological embassy headed by a career diplomat, Klynge Casper who — with a 12 people team — settle in Palo Alto (California, USA) and Beijing (China). They understood that the power of knowledge outweighs that of any power. Knowing the problem is the first step to solve it. So they accumulate information to transfer it to their industries so that they remain up-to-date and competitive.


C o n t r i b u t i o n

By Norberto Hernán Linzuain / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2019.

Information from a Contribution by Norberto Hernán Linzuain, titled ”Scientists v. Politicians” published on September 13th, 1919. Image Credit: Alamy, 2018.



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