Maud Vantours and her Magic Papers.

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Maud Vantours and her Magic Papers.

Maud Vantours and her Magic Papers.

Maud Vantours is a well known designer and visual artist, working in Paris, France.

Visual artist Maud Vantours is based in Paris. She creates models of mesmerizing textures. By placing layer upon layer — of colored pre-cut paper sheets. The process produces sets, fashion accessories and publishing products. Vantours has searched about large number of 3D paper treatments. She included in her featured exploring works, floral patterns, spirals and geometric designs. Vantours was born in Paris, France, in 1985. She is a well known designer and visual artist, who lives and works in the charming french city. After attending  a specialized art-course at the ESAA Duperré — about textile design and research materials —  she started performing freelance activities. Therefor, she launched her own professional design business. The color, graphic and materials have a prominent place in her work. From a simple 2D pattern, she develops a volumetric expression that express all its different facets.

The poetry emerges from her sculptures, that produce multi-colored dreamscapes. The paper is her favorite material. After bending, cutting and overlapping each layer, she gives them a new life and a precious look. The work of Maud Vantours oscillates from the art to the design. Her works are applied — by famous fashion brands — for been exhibited at major international trade exhibitions around the world.

Her work attracted many prestigious companies. Among others, she collaborate with some world known international brands, as Chaumet, Baume & Mercier, Gap, Roger & Gallet, Adidas, Guerlain, Parcours Saint Germain, Tag Heuer and Yves Saint Laurent.

We invite you to enjoy some of the artist’s featured works.

Information and images are shared from Maud Vantours webpage. Images Credit: Artist Maud Vantours, 2016.


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