Fireworks and Bonfire at Chatsworth Castle.

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4 - Fireworks and Bonfire at Chatsworth Castle on November the 5th to 6th, 2016.

1 – Fireworks and Bonfire at Chatsworth Castle on November the 5th to 6th, 2016.

Fireworks and Bonfire at Chatsworth Castle on November the 5th to 6th, 2016.

Every year — since long time ago — Chatsworth Castle’s gardens became a very special green area, surrounding the house. There, it takes place the annual Bonfire and Fireworks celebration. People who lives or work in the castle, are delighted to welcome back visitors from the UK. And also, to foreign visitors, who come from other countries of the world. Through the two days activities — during the evening – there are two dazzling fireworks demonstrations. The first display is centered on a ‘Disney Classics’ theme. This spectacle is more suitable for children. Nevertheless, the final display is a heady mix of drama and energy, to be enjoyed by all visitor ages. Next November 5th and 6th, for the first time, it will be performed a Glacial Art. Then, ice sculptors will amaze spectators with their live ice carving. Alongside an array of traditional bonfire food and drink, visitors will be entertained by stilt walkers, live music bands and other amusing activities.

Someone could think that bonfire will not take place if the weather is poor. Nevertheless, visitors must be aware that, whatever the weather could be, the bonfire will take place. But in this case they must be prepared for all weather conditions. On what concerns with gates, they  will be open and food and drinks be ready for visitors, from 6pm. The Flora’s Temple restaurant is open for tea, coffee snacks and ice creams for children and adults. It also will be the estate shop burgers, traditional bonfire catering and bar, serving beers and spirits.

Due to security and prevention reasons, the garden — where the fireworks and bonfire take place — will be closed before this hour. The 35,000 acre Chatsworth Estate offers a range of beautiful locations for film and stills photography, under a previous agreement.

Chatsworth is run by a charity, the Chatsworth House Trust. All income goes directly towards the upkeep, preservation and improvement of the house, collection and landscape for the long term benefit of visitors.


Information and Images are shared from Chatsworth press information. Images Credit: Chatsworth House, 2016.



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